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“I am an artist and a writer. I paint with words as an author” 

~ Margaret

Margaret Halsey is an artist and writer/author

As an artist she paints in several mediums including watercolour, acrylic, pastel, pencil and inks.

The free flowing form of her work is a unique style she has developed through years of training and experience. The translucent softness of her watercolours portrays the many moods and sensitivity of the artist.

Her animal drawings show her deep connection with all creatures, capturing the spirit and personality in each portrait.

As a writer/author she writes in her legal name and under a pen name – K. M. Rachel. Books are published by Karmen Rachel Publishing a division of Halsey Management Limited

K.M. Rachel Books

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Deception Among Friends was the author’s first book. She was inspired to write it by a feeling she had of being followed. The book came together for her easily leading itself to its end. 

Two Voices is about obsession, love, lust; the wonderful and the devastating parts of a relationship. It is also a look at paths taken, and an attempt to understand those paths we choose in life. Any woman or man who has been on such paths will find this a comfort, and help in a difficult time. 

Deception Among Friends

Two Voices

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Dogs of 6th and Devoy

Dogs of 6th and Devoy

If you live on 6th or Devoy or anywhere in the surrounding area, please come and see the paintings on the fence. This fence was completed in 2016 and still looks very good.  Also go and look at Cherry Lane canines and cats at Cherry and 8th Ave.  in New...

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About a book called Two Voices

About a book called Two Voices

Some time ago in 2020 I wrote a post about challenges some business and people are facing due to the pandemic. It was partly about being an artist and a writer and a business consultant. In the last six years I have focuses on my art and on my not-for-profit society...

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5K raised to name a BC and Alberta guide dog puppy after my dad - Friday, November 9, 2018. Cherry Lane Canines and cats has been a labour of love. The love of the dog, and the cat. I am the artist Margaret Halsey. this is the second fence project. ( I do still paint...

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Inquire about Margaret’s Art

All original works of the artist are sold privately through her company Rachel Art, a division of Halsey Management Ltd.  Margaret’s work can be viewed at her home and studio in New Westminster B.C. by appointment only.

Telephone at 604 527 9976 or 604 329 0763 or send email

Margaret paints on commission. Let’s work together!