About Artist

Margaret Halsey

The translucent softness of Margaret’s watercolors portrays the sensitivity of the artist. The personality and spirit of each animal is captured in her portraits.

Margaret paints in several mediums including watercolour, acrylic, pastel, pencil and inks. The free-flowing form of her work is a unique style she has developed through years of training and experience. Her animal drawings show her deep connection with all creatures. Her search for truth within herself is revealed magnificently through her art. 

Margaret’s Life

Margaret Halsey was born in Berkhamsted Hertfordshire England. The family moved to Toronto Ontario, Canada when she was 9.
Her interest in art started early in life as she was inspired by her very talented father, the late Herbert Joseph Halsey. Her early works were in black and white inks, and oils. She became much more interested in watercolours in the early 70’s.
Margaret has also been influenced and affected by other significant people and circumstances in her life. Her move to Edmonton Alberta and her travels in the province brought on a prolific period of work. In the early 80’s she moved to Vancouver and continued to be inspired by the Western North American scenery and wildlife. The late 90s to early 2004 was a slower period for her as her mother Mary was slowly taken from her by the cruel and degenerative Alzheimer’s disease that ended with her death in 2001, and the sudden death of her father in 2002.  During this time Margaret also developed her interest in animal portraits. Over the years her own dogs have been very willing subjects.


Margaret’s Achievements

Margaret’s paintings are part of many private and corporate collections throughout Canada, and the United Kingdom.
Her exhibits have included the Arts Club Theatre lounge at Granville Island Canada, various cafes and galleries in and around Vancouver, Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, Maple Ridge and Terry Fox libraries.
As well as her originals, her work includes the limited-edition reproduction of her painting Duncan Cove.

A project in a new form has taken place on two fences in New Westminster and it represents the importance of dogs and cats in our lives.  This project started with one dog face and included over 100 on three fences. It was done, for the love of the dog. And also to raise awareness of the importance of the dog, and cats in our lives. As well it was done for the guide dogs and it raised over $5,000. With this we named a puppy after my dad, Herbert. They called the puppy Bertie.

All original works of the artist are sold privately through her company Rachel Art, a division of Halsey Management Ltd.

Duncan Cove

The original Duncan Cove was created on a gloomy day on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. It had been raining for hours and it appeared that it would never let up. For Margaret, the rain dramatized the colour and the beauty of the area. Using her own style, and soft flowing pastel hues, she was able to see beyond the darkness of the day.

Duncan Cove limited edition is available at $95 unframed.

Every scene is a new creation to inspire my work. Sometimes I will sketch, and other times I will just take something from my memory. I want people to see what I see and what I feel and so I capture it in my paintings. To me, every field, every mountain, every cloud, every day no matter the weather, there is always beauty, and each scene can only ever be part of life once.”
When I am painting a dog or cat face, I feel very close to them and can touch their soul. I always start a painting with a sketch, and it starts with the eye. Once I have the eyes, I know I will capture the spirit of the animal in my painting.

Margaret Halsey

Art Prices and Fees

Margaret’s originals range in price from $50 for miniatures to $5,000 for her larger works. Her limited edition is also available at $95 unframed. She does commission work.

Buy or commission new project

Margaret’s work can be viewed at her home and studio in New Westminster B.C. by appointment only.
Call 604-527-9976 or 604-329-0763 or email