About the writer /Author

Margaret Halsey

Margaret Halsey was born in Berkhamsted Hertfordshire England. The family moved to Toronto Ontario, Canada when she was 9.
Her move to Edmonton Alberta in the late 70s and on to Vancouver BC in 1980 and her travels in the provinces brought on a prolific period of work inspired by the scenery and wildlife.
She also developed her writing skills through her business career. Her writing includes business, board and annual reports, newsletters, as well as many other forms of business correspondence.
She became interested in fiction writing in the 80s when she started a book inspired by an island near Kingston Ontario. In the early 2000 she wrote and self published her first fiction Deception among Friends. This was motivated by a feeling of being followed.
During this time Margaret also developed her interest in animal portraits. Her dogs were all very willing subjects. In 2015 she took on a new form of art, painting dogs and cats on fences. She also produced and published two books about these fences.
Her latest book Two Voices was written over a period of several years from 2006 to 2020.


More About Margaret

As a writer/author she writes in her legal name and under a pen name

K. M. Rachel is the author’s pen name.

As K.M Rachel she writes

• Romance

• Suspense

• Mystery

• Creative non fiction

Two voices is a cross genre book.

Books are published by Karmen Rachel Publishing a division of Halsey Management Limited.

Margaret Halsey also writes under her legal name.

She writes many topics with one of her favourites being Dogs and Cats.

She has written produced and published two books about dogs and cats on fences. These books are a collection of stories written by the pet companions, with pictures of the Margaret’s paintings of the dogs and cats on the fences.

The books are:

Dogs of 6th and Devoy and Friends

Cherry lane Canines and Cats

She writes in many genres including

• Business writing

• Poetry

• Travel Journal

• Stores about dogs and cats

• Information about dog and cats


Margaret’s Books

Two Voices

Obsession, love, lust; the wonderful and devastating parts of a relationship- The book follows the events in the lives of a woman and man over the span of over 30 years. The author has written for the woman, sometimes in the voice of the woman. This is an interesting, emotion filled rollercoaster ride and an exciting love story. An interesting twist is the interjection of the man’s voice throughout parts of the book. “You may at times find yourself angry, yet perhaps feel the emotion that this man and woman felt.” “This is based on their story,… they will always remain private.”

Deception Among Friends

The book is somewhat of a mini soap opera. It combines romance, sexual fantasy and reality, friendship, violence, suspense and mystery with a touch of humour. The author has created an interesting web of characters and stories that keep the reader on their toes through the pages of this intriguing and entertaining book. 

This was the author’s first book. She was inspired to write it by a feeling she had of being followed. The book came together for her easily leading itself to its end.